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Originally Posted by George Mounce View Post

Here are 7 fruits with sugar content I randomly picked that are pretty common.

Apple 23g
Banana 17g
Fig 10g
Date 16g
Orange 17g
Grapefruit 16g

Your "average" piece has a lot more than 4.5g of sugar. I'm not against fruit at all, but we must be realistic with our numbers before just stating them. High fruit consumption can easily put someone into high carb eating.

2 pieces of the right fruit can put you in the same league as those new 100 calorie cans of soda.

No because we're talking about fructose content not pure sugar content for liver glycogen.

Fruit has a mixture of different sugars.

check out the fructose content of some of the fruits in that chart and see that a banana is practically split 50/50 with fructose/glucose at the 4/5 gram range. Soda pop has 60 grams of fructose -- practically 12 times that of fruit!

As you can tell, I'm not a fan of low-carb diets when they exclude whole foods like fruit. Give me a break...fruit is a food that we've been designed to eat, "zone" bars are not.

In fact, I operate best on a high-carb diet consisting of fruits and vegetables with a little meat, some nuts, rice and natural yoghurt. Carbs found in whole foods are not the enemy, processed food is. Sure, everyone is different, but everyone would benefit from eating real foods instead of replacement foods i.e. zone bars, protein shakes.

I'm sure you agree with me here, just getting stuff off my chest. haha.
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