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orange or broccoli? So what, there is no lesser good there.

That chart is also for a 200 calorie serving, do you know how many oranges that is just to get to 80 grams of fructose? A lot. Also, I see a lot of dried fruit up high...everyone should know why.

You have to look at the whole picture; bottom line, the fructose in fruit is not that much, averaging about 4.5-7 grams per serving -- 2-3 grams for an orange

I'd rather see someone eat 20 oranges a day instead of one zone bar.

*** It'll take about 30 oranges to reach 80 grams of fructose. Do the math from that chart by looking at the calories:

calories in an orange = about 60

grams of fructose in 200 calories of orange = about 9

approximately 3.3 oranges for 9 grams of fructose --> 80/9 = 8.9 --> 8.9 x 3.3 = 30 oranges to reach 80g of fructose.

1 and 1/4 can of pop for the same. Choose wisely.

Topic is not derailed: Fruit was questioned in the OP and fruit has been delivered as an ideal carb source, unless of course carbs themselves are the enemy -- which they're not.

Its the same tin-foil hat thought people in the crossfit community adhere to - the fruit scare, yet they have no problem shoveling ice cream down their throats and then to have the audacity to say that a few servings of fruit may be detrimental.

...On a side note, I've been known to eat about 20 clementines in one day when needed.
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