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Rick Deckart
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Gary Valentine? That's a good choice Elliot!


Your points are valid, same is true for Gary Valentines points.

I can only talk for myself:

1. As much as it takes, my OHS is not too shabby the problem is more or less twofold a) too much armpull b) 'mental', that is technique breaks down once a certain weight (>65kg) is involved. I never had a coach and learned the lifts by trial and error. Strengthwise I think I should be able to squat snatch 80kg+ now. So noticing that I tied my snatch PR in the first split attempt I will use splitting as a confidence builder. BTW I could not split higher loads with the left leg in front due to old injuries in my right big toe which was once broken and is now more or less stiff. Surgery could cure it but I have no time for it and foot surgery is not trivial and inherently risky business.

2) Probably, as I have very stiff ankles nowadays. But we will see.

3) My goal is a consistent BW snatch, after that we will see. I am too old to compete.


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