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So today got off to a somewhat crappy start. Only 4 hours of sleep and no meal till noon threw me off and I did not get any more meals in till later on in the evening. I was so tired and I only got maybe a 30 min nap in. I had to make it out to Byrnes because Coach had a new program for me.

Pretty cool program, lots of GHR, pullups, reverse hypers, KB work, plenty of Oly and strength work although i'll have to add in extra Front Squating and Overhead pressing into it on a fourth day. It's a 3 day program with room for assistance work which makes me happy, I can work in some hypertrophy, gymnastics, sprints, and wods occassionally.

Lots of DB work in it which is a weak area for me so I hope to make good gains here. I also have no experience with GHR or reverse hypers, in fact today was the first time i've used GHR... very hard IMO. Definately have weak spots i've neglected.

Muscle SN + OHS + SN Balance: 20kg x 4 x 3 + 5 + 3

Squats: 180 x 10, 195 x 10, 210 x 10

GHR: 4 x 8

DB Incline Press: 4 x 8 (30# x 8, 35# x 8, 40# x 2 x 8)

One Arm DM Row: 4 x 8 (40# x 8, 45# x 8, 55# x 8, 60# x 8)

DB Front Press: 4 x 8 (25# x 8, 30# x 3 x 8)

It was not that bad of a workout... the SN and OHS were messy because I was tired but fell into a groover with the squats.

The DB presses were tough though, I have little experience with DB's and finding what weight to start with was kinda hard but I figure I'll just go heavy and hard.

The GHR was uncomfortable and I could only raise up to about the level of a back extention. Doing the leg curl part was impossible, the strength was not there.

So pretty much I have my 10 week program now... my coach does not want me to gain any weight either. He wants me to build a strong base of strength at my current weight and see where I am afterwards. Because of this i'll be moving over to paleo and start doing some fasts a couple times of week.

Now.. im off to enjoy a big bowl of ice cream....
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