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Originally Posted by Fenthis Glusos View Post
Let's face it, the whole sugar craze in America has made fruit non-delectable to the masses. If you tell your average joe that he can eat an infinite amount of fruit, he will tire after the second bite of the first one.

In essence, fruit has far less sugar in it than people attribute to it. There are groups of people that live off of fruit entirely (probably not the wisest choice, but...) and have no sugar/weight related issues -- the same cannot be said for someone who lives entirely off of cake.
The average person gets so much HFCS syrup into their bodies...their liver gets fat. Fruit as the only carb source to a healthy active person is one thing.....a person drinking soda, eating processed foods and adding fruit on top of all that is quite another. To assume a native living off fruit with no other carb sources and the average sick american should do the same like comparing apples to rocks.
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