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Well today was the first day with Z's. I have quite a few questions as well as an observation that I liked them a lot. I can see the carryover to a significant number of exercises. Dave I am looking forward to your insight.

When I did them this morning I squatted down and got low and put my arms under the bar while it was on the ground and picked it up with my arms already under the bar. Now I didn't do this with any significant weight only up to 155 LB's. So with that lead in here are my questions.

1) I saw several different ways of doing Z's in videos today. Some started from the rack and the people picked them up with arms already standing. Some started from the ground in a DL pulled them over their knees then squatted and picked them up. I did them completely differently as noted above. Which way do you guys do them most often and do you vary them based on what you are trying to work and does anyone else do them the way I described?

2) If you do the DL variant does each rep go back to the floor to start the next rep or do you just squat until you have completed your specified reps?

3) If you are just squatting with the bar held in your arms is it natural that you assume a wider stance and that your elbows go between your knees as you descend?

Thanks and I look forward to the feedback.
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