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Cosgrove's Afterburn is good example of a focused fat burning program. It runs about 16 weeks, so it's a serious committment.

Before you read on, the review is scattered with profanity. If this offends you, maybe you shouldn't read it.

This was my review of the product:

I've always liked the material Alwyn has written for T-mag and EliteFTS, and even remember reading some of his stuff from mainstream men's fitness magazines and thinking it was good stuff. I recently had the opportunity to go over his "Afterburn" program (and a few other products), which is a program for losing fat.

The link:

First off is a blurb I wrote on Lyle's forum, comparing Cosgrove's "Afterburn" to Lyle's "Rapid Fat Loss" manual.

Afterburn is a comprehensive program for fat loss, not mass gain.

Alwyn lays out both the resistance training and the energy system training in roughly 4 week blocks, as well as gives dietary recommendations.

There are 4 blocks total.

The workouts are not retarded, either. They are well designed, and if you know enough about the meta-principles of training, you'll be able to substitute workouts of your own in place of his. Some folks can see the big picture behind this shit, other's can't, and probably shouldn't try.

I don't mean to be a bit of a whore, but I feel it's a very solid product. I think it's possible a newbie could put on a bit of size from it, but probably not an experienced lifter, except in areas that had been previously neglected that the program might hit harder. A powerlifter or an olympic lifter going through the program could reasonably expect to lose strength in the competitive lifts (and might want to substitute workouts to compensate somewhat for that), but I think that would be a transitory thing. You would come out of the program leaner and with a much better base of conditioning behind you, and I would imagine you'd realize some gains on the competitive lifts after a period of re-specialization.

A 16 week commitment is no fucking joke, though.
Like I mentioned above, I feel it's a solid program, and if you have had good luck in the past with programs like Poliquin's "Manly Weight Loss", or Alessi's "Meltdown" you'll probably have good luck with this program.

It's a bit higher in repetitions than most strength guys would prefer, but for a change in pace, I can see it working very well indeed. It's aimed more for a beginning lifter rather than an advanced lifter, but the program is progressive in nature, and well put together.
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