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I like some of the things said in there mainly becuase I kind of hold a lot of those things true already...hehe nothing like validation right? Seriously though.

I think there is a validity to the DB snatch, and since there was no reason stated as to why CP doesn't like it's hard to think of his reasoning.

I thought the face massage to get a deeper squat was interesting I can think of other places that you can massage to possible squat deeper but never thought of the face.

The Biosignature Modulation stuff was um interesting to be sure.

Genetic defect for asparagus?

ZMA - I'd be curious to take the liquid zinc tally test and see where I'd stand compared to others.

I like his take on the food pyramid "If you want to look like a pyramid, eat like a pyramid.

Veganism is retarded..ha!

Flax oil bad but flax seeds are good? He says the lignans bind estrogen 4 and 16?

George Foreman leaking titanium??? Doesn't he mean teflon? Or whatever non-stick is put on those?

Asian people and Caucasians can absorb different amounts of soy? 96% versus 16%? I do find that thought provoking.
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