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Michell Kaarne
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Monday 6 October
Rest day.

600g beef steak
4 avocado
5tbs evoo

Tuesday 7 October
Adv Tuck Planche 10s

Snatch workout:
Hang power snatch 5x5 (I think) donít remember weights
Hang squat snatch 5x5 or 5x3 donít remember weights
Full snatch sets of 5 3 2 1 donít remember weights but I finished with 2 singles at 40kg. Guess thatís ok since it was my second time ever snatching (a barbell).
Slow snatch shrugs (from floor to full extension) 5x3@70kg
Back squats 3x5@60kg 2x5@70kg

3 rounds of pull-ups & dips 6&10 6&10 6&7

750g salmon
4 avocado
1tbs butter
1tbs rapeseed oil

Wednesday 8 October
Rest day.

512g ground beef
600g spinach
125g mozzarella
1tbs butter
1tbs rapeseed oil
Total ~1800cals

Dinner with two friends I havenít met in a long time;
2 big plates of pasta, root veggies and chicken
1 slice of blueberry pie with cream

Thursday 9 October
C&J workout followed by front squats
3 rounds of pull-ups & dips 7&10 7&10 4&8

392g beef steak
250g salmon
250g broccoli
250g cauliflower
1tbs butter
1tbs rapeseed oil
4tbs evoo

Friday 10 October
Rest day.

4 cans of tuna
200g guacamole
10tbs mayonnaise
2tbs evoo
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