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Many years here....hell I was probably doing it before I even knew it had an official name.

I never eat breakfast (I get tired just thinking about a big breakfast) and most days don't eat till 12-1pm....plenty of energy....1 small Americano (2 shots expresso in water) keeps me going all day long....even now I enjoy the little hunger (which is completely different from cravings of sugar as my blood sugar is not low when fasting) here and there during fasting, keeps me on edge and alert and feeling in total control, love it....I try to eat smaller throughout the day (keeping carbs small and mostly meat and fat) and then biggest meal at night (Warrior Diet like). No desire to ever go back to eating big meals until it's later in the day otherwise I am sluggish, brain gets all fogged up and useless.

Also my mentality of needing to even eat alot on days of ice hockey games is gone (which was told to me from day alot as you will need the I know why some games I felt so tired and slow in high school with that big pasta meal before the game). I found that now if I eat very light on game day of mostly meat and fat, plan for my glycogen stores to be refilled 1-2 days before the day of the game and keeping insulin levels low the whole day of the game allows for more steady and explosive energy. The worst thing I found is getting my insulin high before a game, as while that may give me initial quick energy I will soon bonk from the blood sugar crash and compromised fat metabolism. Of course I drink my beer after as the best post workout beverage of choice.
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