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Chris Forbis
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11 October 2008

Dynamic warm-up: lunges, squats, etc.

Approximately one minute rest between all sets.

Ankle jump: 2 sets of 50
4-star drill: 2 sets of 5
Alternating lunges: 2 sets of 26 (13 on each leg)
Jump squat (hands behind head): 1 set of 20
Slalom jumps: 2 sets of 50
Lunge jumps: 2 sets of 7 (on each leg)
Low squat ankle jump: 2 sets of 30

This is still kicking my ass, though I did get closer to doing the reps as prescribed. I cut the lunge reps to 2/3 of the prescribed amount. Lunges in rapid succession absolutely fry my legs. Wearing my weight lifting shoes helped take some of the stress off of my big toe joint in the lunges. I was pretty dead at the end so decided not to add on the BW strength workout. I'll try that by itself on Monday or Tuesday depending on how I recover from this workout.

On the diet front I think I have caused an egg sensitivy to flare up due to over consumption (over 3 dozen a week). I had a head cold all this week and two times during the week when I had deviled eggs with lunch I experienced rather unpleasant GI distress within a couple of hours. Time to run an elimination diet for a month or so and see what happens when I reintroduce. This will really put a cramp on my breakfast options...
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