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So about the 1 lb. a week thing I don't know look at these numbers.

BW: 168 BF: 10%

12 days into stregth programing and feast

BW: 177 BF:12%

about 4.5 lbs. both ways. Maybe a little more fat do to some of the weight being added food to the gut however if anything I have a little less water weight than the initial weigh. regardless I am sure I have gained more than 1# of muscle a week so far.

So I have been tweaking the diet and we will see on tues. but it is alredy obviouse the fat gain has slowed and the weight gain is still coming. My BF% has not been incresing for a few days now. The strength gains are honestly surpriseing. Nothing real good to compare as far as equal rep set maxes yet but I am easily reaching and often surpasing my goals which I usually set above my expectations. In short this is an incredible success so far.

I figure these initial gains are gonna be much heftier than the weeks further out but we'll see.
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