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Default Vibram FiveFinger sizing question

OK, so my VFFs came in the mail. They are a size 41, definitely too short for my foot, as my toes were definitely pressing into the end of the toe boxes.

For those of you who have purchased these and can compare the fit to their other shoes, please help me with this size theorizing before I send these back.

FYI, I do plan on wearing them with the Injinji socks--I tried them on WITHOUT the socks and found that they were too short.

I ordered a size 41. The sizing chart here (see the "click here for size conversion" link to a pop-up window, if you forgot) said that was what my 10.5" long foot measurement corresponded to. I thought this was strange, as the same foot length in two other versions of the VFFs corresponds to a 42.

I wear a 10.5 in nearly all of my other shoes, Adidas or Nike. My Adidas OL shoes are a 10.

My initial thought is that a 42 will be just pushing the edge of fitting--then again, like OL shoes, these are tighter-fitting by design. I'm simply trying to avoid having to send back the 42s if/when the socks don't fit in combination.

Any input/experience is appreciated.
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