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Originally Posted by Jay Cohen View Post
Dude, my Farmer Walk bars are 6' long and w/u starts at 125 per bar, plus I think my girl friend is bigger then you.

Really, you don't feel the need to add some weight??

Oh, I get it, your a Male model needing the "Ethiopian Marathoner" look. Cool..............
well dude, it makes my dick look that much meatier. haha

seriously though, why even bother fighting the current? If my body wants to be at 122 then let it, I'll just revel in other debaucheries... all the while continuing to eat my usual fare of spinach, garlic, figs and sardines -- yummmm

that's my metabolism right there

I like your fitday log though and laugh everytime I see the pretzels on there. What do you do like dip them in peanut butter? sounds good actually

let's be friends
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