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Let's not go personal and keep it to the topic at hand....otherwise nothing is to be gained.

PWO discussion is the case we lost track.

Jay, play nice with others...if he is happy at lower's his decision on how he wants to live his life.

Fenthis, what ever weight you choose is up to you...we are not here to judge....although don't blame your metabolism if you don't want to gain weight by not eating the "quick metabolism" excuse is usually just those people who eat very little and run around way too much. Your body comp is your choice....but don't put down others for wanting more muscle or your longevity may shorten with that attitude in the process.

Oh yeah.....your pwo attitude towards fruit is fine towards people who are lean like yourself....but that attitude does not work in mainstream society with overweight people who will not give up grains and other I know since my living/profession is based on dealing with those people year after year.
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