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Well, fortunately, I can cook my own sweet potatoes fairly easily; I would sometimes get them from the campus cafeteria only because they were convenient and decently cheap when bought with a main dish. Now the lack of quality negates those benefits.

Anyone ever tried neck meat? I noticed some turkey and pig necks today, though I have no idea if they're any good. Are the trachea and vertebrae still inside?

Went and got myself a new minifridge over the weekend...

It more than doubles my storage capacity. I've got 3lbs of grilled chicken tenders in there, five more pounds of beef hearts in the freezer section, two dozen eggs, some 13lbs of fruit (grapefruit, navel oranges, gala apples; dates and plums outside of the fridge), and a few cooked yams. The best part is that the freezer actually keeps things frozen, as long as they are touching the freezer plate on the bottom. My last freezer didn't work at all. Now all I need is a sheet or two of metal to put between packages of meat that I stack up.

Here's a picture of some of the fruit they sell in the convenience stores at UMD, for a dollar apiece:

Yes, those pears are ridiculously ripe, and yes, those apples are bruised and gray colored; it's not just the camera-phone quality.
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