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bill brasky
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Question Instinctive Training

Gentlemen and Ladies,

I read a short piece from MILO speaking about "instinctive training" or training more by how one feels as opposed to a set "program". I have been doing the crossfit WOD for 5-6 days per week, but I guess I miss doing workouts that are not included in the WOD: pushing cars, obstacle course near me, weird lifts, etc... What are the pros/cons to an instinctive style training?

This might be a trial and error type of thing, but I thought I would ask.

I also like how something like this applies in diet/nutrition. Instead of planning my meals, I just eat meat, veggies, fruit, nuts most of the time by second nature. Although, the caveat in this might be that I did follow "programs" for a couple of years in respect of both training and nutrition.
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