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Last night was deadlift night. Decided to take it up to three rounds of 20 on the DL and shoulder press. I kept the weights the same on the press and lowered the DL to 135#. I kept the rest period to one minute between sets.
Results: my shirt looked like I went swimming. My heart rate stayed up around 140-150 while lifting and 120 at rest. I also went 3 rounds with the Bulgarian split squats and pull-overs. I reduced the pull over weight to 17.5 in each hand, while the split squats were weighted (10#) for the first two rounds. I felt frisky and did the third round unweighted, but barefoot.

That's how you make friends in a commercial gym.

Skipped the hip extentions and jackknives to get home and watch Heroes.

I'll do them today with the cardio. Ugh, cardio.
"Have you seen my weiner?"
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