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Hey I didn't realize you response must seem pretty remedial.....
here's my actual split, tryign to get it sorted out still.

Press Day. Monday: ME presses

trying to fols in some partial range bench and seated presses. I'm super weak there. Rotate in push jerks with the log and axle. so this day looks like:

Bench or board press.
Overhead, Jerk or push press, seated press.
soem movign events like yoke, famrers or light tire for conditioning. .


DE squats. roate between box and bottom up fronts.
Repetition Pulls. clean hi pulls or RDL.s. no events.

Thursday or Friday: DE press.

10 sets of 3, maybe add bands depending on recovery. BW pullups and some direct ab work.

Saturday.....ME Squat/Pull day..

Main Focus on squat adn deads. up to three top sets of whatever. Main thing is that I keep rotating the first lift, every other week and the secondary lift and pull every week. alternate betwwen DL and a pulling or loading event.

Looks like:

Like Box squats up to a top triple
Zerchers squats 3x5
Pulling type event for speed and technique, not a necessarily a top effort. axle deads, tire, or stones.
finsih off with lighter RDL's

I train in Seattle. Couple of folks at our spot are Andrew Palmer, Scott Hughes and Pete Markoff. Some guys from the Warehouse Crew show up, Grant Higa once in a blue moon.

Tom seems like a total beast, follow his log pretty intently at Marunde.
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