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Patrick Yeung
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Well, thats a relief to hear. I just started maybe on and of 2 weeks ago, and already my lifts are still consistant, hit some new PRs too, but ive dropped 5lbs. But I believe alot of it is the water weight I hear you may lose in the start.

I am going to start playing around with the timing more. I feel like I lift stronger and run faster later towards the day rather than earlier. So, I am going to start running on days I have class (mon/wed/fri) in the afternoons around 5, eat some cottage cheese, wait two hours or so, then lift heavy, followed by meal or high protein/fat and minimal carbs.

The tues/thur days, I work as a runner in a hospital, so I am pretty much on the floors runnin around, and climbin stairs for 8-10 hours straight, so I figure thats good cardio. Ill eat cottage cheese again around 7 this time. Then body weight/explosive exercises after work around 8.30 then eat a similar meal, with more carbs though.

Throw in one cycle class, cylcing to class/groceries/gym, and two swim work outs, with one long hike (3-5 hours, 30-40 miles of climbing/descending), two sprint days, and two rest days.

Goals are to cut weight to minimal with maximum power to improve efficiency on long backpacking trips.

I am trying to hike for more days with more miles per day. That means increased speed while carrying heavier weights.

Any suggestions or critiques would be awesome, as I know there are many very knowledgeable people on the forums.

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