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Originally Posted by Dave Van Skike View Post
Hey I didn't realize you response must seem pretty remedial.....
here's my actual split, tryign to get it sorted out still.

Press Day. Monday: ME presses

trying to fols in some partial range bench and seated presses. I'm super weak there. Rotate in push jerks with the log and axle. so this day looks like:

Bench or board press.
Overhead, Jerk or push press, seated press.
soem movign events like yoke, famrers or light tire for conditioning. .


DE squats. roate between box and bottom up fronts.
Repetition Pulls. clean hi pulls or RDL.s. no events.

Thursday or Friday: DE press.

10 sets of 3, maybe add bands depending on recovery. BW pullups and some direct ab work.

Saturday.....ME Squat/Pull day..

Main Focus on squat adn deads. up to three top sets of whatever. Main thing is that I keep rotating the first lift, every other week and the secondary lift and pull every week. alternate betwwen DL and a pulling or loading event.

Looks like:

Like Box squats up to a top triple
Zerchers squats 3x5
Pulling type event for speed and technique, not a necessarily a top effort. axle deads, tire, or stones.
finsih off with lighter RDL's

I train in Seattle. Couple of folks at our spot are Andrew Palmer, Scott Hughes and Pete Markoff. Some guys from the Warehouse Crew show up, Grant Higa once in a blue moon.

Tom seems like a total beast, follow his log pretty intently at Marunde.

good week looks like
OH strict
OH PP..maybe PJ
back work
Light event medley

Front sqt...maybe zercher sqt.
Some form of DL...mostly off of blocks due to sticking point
Light event medley

Sat or Sun
3-4 mainly working tire, yoke, chain medleys, may do some other stuff with kegs, stones, conans,

other days are mostly BW GPP sessions, running, or firefighter combat challenge events or a combination..but nothing heavy. pretty much always take the day after events off
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