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thanks guys.
without seeing the original poster split, my input is just that many times ive seen lifters frustrated with doing a squat version of the lift, and "discover" splitting. the problem most times is not whether they are splitting or sqautting, its that the pull is incorrect, not allowing the lifter to move properly to finish the lift. by that i mean if the lifter is using too much back and arms in the lift, which is very very common especially when starting by learning the power clean without a coach, he wont be able to do a proper sqaut OR split. the timing is negatively affected if you stand there too long trying to pull it higher. this is easier too get away with if you finish with a shallow split, but does not address the problem. regular squatting form should be addressed too. if the lifter regulalry sqauts shallow or bentover, this of course carries over into the attempt to do the sqaut versions of the lifts. so strict flexible form in all forms of sqauts must be learned first.
the test would be if you could land in the full split position as pictured, you probably have done the pull correctly. whichever you'ld like to use for your own training purposes is up to you, and clearly the squat version allows more weight to be lifted, and with balanced development over time. but either way, the pull should be efficient.-g
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