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Jacob Rowell
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As both a hardcore CFer (when i want to be) and a lightweight strongman competitor, good thread.

I've done two comps now. One back in April, one in July. The april one, i competed in the 175s, got 5th out of 9. The july one, I upped to 200's, weighting only 183, and got my ass handed to me in a bad bad way.

I'm spending time right now getting generally stronger. I was doing a lot of o-lifting, now it's mostly squats, deads, and presses.

I'm halfway decent with the stones. I've lapped a 315. I can't press for shit, but I can deadlift OK.

Here's me at the first contest, if you're into watching a 175#, 6'2" hippie playing with large rocks.
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