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Chris Forbis
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13 October 2008

BW Strength Training
Low Peterson step-up (3-1-2): 1 set of 25 (on each leg)
2-leg ski squat: 1 set of a 10 second pause in each of 5 positions
Split squat (5-2-2): 2 sets of 15 (on each leg)
Cross body off-box lunge (3-2-2): 2 sets of 20 (on each leg)
Standing hip abduction: (3-2-2) 2 sets of 25 (on each leg)
Scissor hip extension: (3-0-x) 2 sets of 20 (on each leg)
Bodyweight squat: (1-0-x) 2 sets of 100

I still need to work on getting the rep pacing as prescribed (3-1-2, for example). I also need to get better at doing the BW squat in large numbers. I broke up the 100 squats heavily.

I don't know if it is going to be practical to do the plyometric workout on the same day as the strength workout. I plan on trying the full plyometric workout on Wednesday and I'll see how I feel.

This kicked my ass pretty well. My legs are already pretty sore, so I can imagine how they'll feel around 5pm when I hit the 24 hour post-workout mark.
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