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Josh thanks for the detailed feedback. I have a partner I am going to try that drill with tonight. Tonight is no-gi for me.

First tip for rolling in pajama's watch for sneaky gi chokes.

Last night I was rolling with a blue belt and I was really working my flow. I was trying to play a defensive game and move with him. He was in my half guard and was working to get out and I was paying too much attention to working his hips and my legs. He reached up and kind of posted with his left hand by my neck and grabbed his own sleeve with his right hand and put a major choke on. I was amazed at the power this generated. The best description I have is that his sleeve became the pivot point and his right knuckles became the lever that crushed my throat. The other point is you will be amazed how much easier it is to hold on to someone with a gi on.

Thanks again.
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