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Jonathan Dunn
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Default My first "real" bar experience

I just want to let everyone know that a good weightlifting bar makes a difference! I was in the camp of "a bar is a bar is a bar". Not so. I have been training with 32 mm powerbars since I began lifting many moons ago. These bars are strong, stiff and have minimal, if any, spin. I trained today on a Pendlay "CrossFit HD" Bar. WOW! The 28.5 mm bar is wonderful for hook grips. The knurling was great...not too grippy, not too smooth. There is a center knurled section on mine. The action was terrific, even with my light training weights. And spin, that marvelous spin! No wonder I have been battling lateral epicondylosis. The rotation of my elbows under the cleans were butter! The bar actually got away from me once while working on some hit the floor with 200# and didn't even rattle, crash or twang. Just a mellow thud followed by a bounce and then quite.

Granted, I'm more than a little flush over this bar. I really can't imagine how much better an elite tier weightlifting bar would be, but I bet it is an absolutely amazing experience. I look forward to putting lots of sweat and chalk on this bar.

I hope that the following shout out to Jason Hughes at Wright Equipment in Birmingham, AL is cool. Class act all the way. He has lots of toys in their warehouse and (on my first visit to pick up bumpers) let me and my 2 boys test drive their rings, a sweet GHD bench custom built to their specs, a custom power rack built for local High Schools, Dynamax 20# med balls,'s weightlifters dream. Thanks Jason.
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