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Instinctive training and programming aren't mutually exclusive. If you're doing something like CF with no specific goals, then there's no need for planning--you cook up training day-to-day essentially randomly. If you do have goals, programming is not just beneficial, it's necessary. That said, how you program can vary greatly. In the case of having a planned approach, the instintive part comes into play with loading and volume. For example, if you're weightlifting 'Bulgarian' style, you're just snatching, clean and jerking, and squatting. Your percentages will be based on your maxes for the day--so I may work up to a heavy snatch single, then drop to 90% of that for 2 singles, then 85% for 2 singles. The instinct is paying attention to how you feel that day and not forcing yourself to work heavier than you should be just because you have it written down somewhere. On the flipside, if on any particular day you're feeling unusually good, you train accordingly--these are the days you often make PRs, whereas if you relied strictly on a planned approach, you may not have attempted those numbers and essentially missed a window.
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