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Originally Posted by Jacob Rowell View Post
I've been real lucky - I live a few minutes away, literally, from the state NAS chair (Chris Lawyer), and his gym which is full of great implements (The Weight Room).

Not to take things too far off topic - but what do you guys do in terms of pressing, as it relates to strongman?

I'm a terrible presser, mostly because I haven;t done too much of it. I'm up to a 160# shoulder press at a BW of 190. Any good programs you've tried? Bench any? Lots of people at p&b advocate bands for overhead work.

So far, I've tried linear 5x5's, texas method, and now I'm just running the press through the percentages of the 6 week russian squat program - actually seems to be working well.

It seems that strength in the lockout, good leg drive, and good jerk technique would make for the best pressing when it comes to strongman - what do you guys think?
Have heard good things about the WeightRoom...lucky you, lol.
I am certainly not a good presser, but what has worked for me the most is working on PP'ing---i guess b/c it's slightly strict but allows you to use more weight than a true strict press....i use a PJ when going for a max OH and typically if i can PP a weight than i can PJ 30-50lbs more..typically.

lately i have started with strict pressing and then moved into PP. sometimes with bands. as far as assitance moves 1 arm OH's, CG floor press, pin press, boards.

As for routines, 8sets of 2--if you hit all 8 sets, move the weight up 5-10lbs next week, if not stay at current weight...Wendler's 5/3/1 is what i am using now...leg drive is very important....seems to me though that there are few people who are really good a jerking a log...just an observation

thats pretty much all i've got...good luck
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