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If you haven't seen this.....Brad was on some morning TV show.....and it was basically an ambush by a "DR" and "Dietician" (s the piece is even labelled "diet fads")......Hence why I can't watch mainstream media programs anymore.....hopefully maybe some people got the message....but the way the so called health experts threw out common myths you read in $3 magazines was there possibly couldn't be a way that overweight people could be healthy skipping a meal....yeah because a 300lb man would starve himself to death without a healthy breakfast....(already ranted about that study funded by Kelloggs on my blog about people needing cereal to lose weight....and eggs make you gain weight...but it still irks me)

How about a study showing an increase in doctor visits and certified dieticians with the increasing diseases and obesity....then by their deductive rules it must be them making people fat and sick.
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