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Ok today was pretty good

Warmed up and spent about 15 min on drills with the Oly lift

Kettle Bell Swings: 16kg x 4 x 15 of of soulder height + overhead overhead w/ 180* turn

Clean and Jerk: 30kg x 3 x 5 lots of form work, very solid. Stated from the 2 pos on the clean, and nailed it everytime.

Bench: 135# x 3 x 10

Reverse Hypers: 4 x 8 umm these were uncomfortable, I swear I felt it more crushig my groin area then my lower back.

GHR: 3 x 8 These were easier than last week but still very difficult. I used the negatives that Allen pointed out and it made a difference.

So today felt pretty good. Im still not to sure about the slow lifts, I swear I could make more progress on a liner progression format and squeezing out what I can on it.

Diet wise i've been eating like crazy. Just everything and anything... tons of fruits and vegies and meats... and lots of ice cream. And I know coach does not want me to gain anymore weight but working out 4 days a week seems to have hit the spot and I can eat more then before and that heavier number is looking mighty tempting...

I've already downed a half gallon o' milk in under an hour and a half today. Just finished it a min ago. Freakin PR right there.
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