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I learned form the great coach joe mill "3 days per week is ideal, 2 is better than 4, one is better than 5!" while that seemed backward in 1980 when i met him, it is very true. the idea is once you are overtrained, you cannot make progress and will eventually get injured. so i never lift 2 days in a row, and focus more on rest and nutrition than abything else.
the workouts follow this outline:
1) an Olympic Lift
2) a Jerk variation, from the rack usually
3) a squat
4) a pull
5) assaitance exercise (shrug, press,rdl)

3-5 sets each, 1-5 reps. set 1 Light, 2 Medium, sets 3-5 as Heavy as you can go that day. you might keep the first 2 exercises Medium, while pushing exercises 3 and 4 to maximum effort if farther from a meet and builing strnegth. other way around if close to meet and being sharp for day of meet. lower reps in all as meet approaches.

key is listening to your body and if truly tired, dont lift! regardless of age, this is true. as we age, we will need more rest in between. have to be patient and take rest to come back stronger for next workkout, not take out more by working out again. problem is, with drug aided programs of last 4o years, people expect to lift more often due to artificial means taken by most supposed champs. understanding recovery process is the key. -g
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