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I'm a big fan of the Z-Health stuff, although I've found from other folks that it can be hard to grasp without going to the seminars, which are pretty pricey. In my opinion, much of the Z-Health stuff is similar (and even derived from) to Sonnon's stuff (which he derived from Systema), the big difference is that the Z-Health is much "tighter" in terms of form and what joints you're trying to mobilize. A simple viewing of Dr. Cobb's versus Sonnon's stuff is quite impressive in the contrast--a lot of extra movement (I would call "sloppiness") is present in the IntuFlow, which can be easily used subconsciously by the body in order to circumvent/hide immobile and uncoordinated joint/muscle complexes.

Looking at it from a longevity perspective, my attending the R-Phase and I-Phase will pay off long into the future. I will always have those tools with me, and I use them before every weight workout.
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