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Default Post-workout meal

I'm still getting used to IFing every day (some days are fine, some I find I'm lightheaded), but I'm a little confused about the post-workout meal - the most important meal there is according to sources I've read.

Normality is to stop eating around 7pm, and resume at noon the next day. This is fine for evening workouts as I subsequently have a normal sized meal with maybe an extra piece of fruit (as you do). But when are you supposed to eat, say after a more cardio-based workout? There are those who say to eat immediately after to replenish muscle glycogen, and there are those who say to wait at least an hour to get the full fat-loss effect - which is it?

And I've not done this yet, but if I was to do a workout as soon as I got up, say around 7am, would I still wait til noon to eat after it or is the PWO meal too important to wait so long?

Apologies if these questions are trivial. Just when I thought anal questions about fitness and nutrition were well behind me... but I do want to do IF right because it seems the real deal.
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