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Donald Lee
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The Z-Health stuff is pretty expensive, but I just ordered the R-Phase Package. Do you still need to do passive stretching (i.e., PNF) to increase flexibility while doing Z-Health? I have major hamstring tightness that is improving very slowly and holding back my training and recovery from a lower back sprain.

My hamstrings are always really tight until I do some major PNF stretching. Is this a mobility issue? I'm starting to do some self-myofascial release on them, which is painful. Before stretching, I can bend over about 45 degrees with the GM stretch. After some PNF, I can get to about 90 degrees. It's frustrating that my hamstrings are always so tight, even after doing leg swings and the cossak.

Thanks for the tip about Z-Health, Dr. G.
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