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Originally Posted by Dave Van Skike View Post
That is a fairly strong assertion you have made there. I gotta tell ya, that comes off as alternately judgmental and totally insane.

Meant to be more matter of fact than judgemental. And based on the physiology and research, not insane at all.

Spend a few moments googling SSRI + suicide and diabetes + depression.

Normally when I have a response like that after talking about SSRI's, it's based more on the person's personal experience/philosophy than anything I've stated. Everything I said (with the exception of the "losing ability to feel thing - that is based on personal experience dealing with literally hundreds of people who have been very sick for a long period and on a least one antidepressant, but more ofter two or three over extended periods) you can find in any neurophysiology/endocrinology textbook.

And yes, there are WAY more things that effect hormones and neurotransmitters - almost everything does! For example, in almost every study done, exercise beats SSRI's for depression. I was just looking at one part of it with the diabetes link.

Sorry if I cam across judgemental/insane. The good news is that if I am indeed insane, there are plenty of drugs out there for me....
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