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October 19, 2008 – Full Body Treatment

Warm Up: 2 rounds: 5x 35#x2 DB Clean and Push Press, 10x 135# Deadlift, 5x Ring Push Ups


(1) 5x5 Overhead Press rest 2 minutes between sets (45#,65#,75#,85#,100#)
(2) Rest 3 Minutes
(3) 3x10 Front Squats with Chains (65#), rest 75 seconds between sets (Chains, +10#, +20#) so First set is 110#, 2nd 120#, and 3rd 130# total
(4) Rest 4 Minutes
(5) 5x30sec Tuck Hang on Rings rest 1 minute between sets
(6) Rest 3 Minutes
(7) Row 500m for time (1:38.3)

Cooldown: Airdyne until the hour is up. 131 calories.

Full rest day tomorrow. Also if you're wondering why I'm not doing any pulling exercises (Pull Ups, heavy olympic lifts, heavy rows etc) it's because I injured my right hand a few weeks ago on a finger board so it's kind of painful to grip heavy objects for the time being. I believe I'll be pain free after I get back from my 7-day vacation coming up which is from Oct 26-Nov 2, I can only hope!

I got Tuck Hang from Gym Jones (And they probably got it from some other source), they are done on rings and here's a picture of it in action:
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