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I am pretty new to IF myself, only been at it for a couple of weeks now...

I am not one of these people that lies to the people they are around. At work, people ask me out to lunch at 12 PM, and I know I am fasting until around 2 PM or 4 PM. I tell them straight up that I am fasting, and they spit out all the conventional wisdom given out by health experts about why skipping meals is stupid -- about how I need to keep my "fire burning" and my metabolism high....however, they also think that I am stupid for not eating breads/grains/rice.

People who know me a bit better know that I have done my research on all things nutritional and just accept that what I am doing is the best thing for me at this point.

The bottom line is that the major challenge I have experienced in my few weeks is properly informing people of the benefits. I direct them to, and over a dozen publications in medical journals but it never seems to be good enough....

These, however, are the same people who told me Rip's GOMAD was going to make me fat -- despite putting on 20# of mass in 3 months...75% of the gains being lean (about 15# lean gains...)

I guess the real point is that you can't convince people of anything. While I agree with MOD that u can see positive results on any meal plan... 1 meal a day or 10 meals a day ... there is a difference between "results" and "optimal results". Not to mention the benefits people are missing out on by not fasting...

I guess some people put us under the same scrutiny for not being vegetarians despite the endless volumes of data on the "benefits" of being vegetarian.

It takes a more keen mind and a deeper understanding -- more in depth research and knowing the right people to speak with -- to understand why something like IF is beneficial and why vegetarianism/veganism is...well...asinine.
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