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Liam Dougherty Springer
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Man so I am changeing my weigh in to Sun as it is post carb load and 24 hrs. into recovery on a rest day.

Still 20 days in the strength is and the weight gains are surprising me.

today I weighed in at 182 and measured 13%BFish... maybe alittle over sometimes I just don't trust the machine.... but I am always using the same one and I know ruffly how close it is to a 10 point skin fold so I feel I can use it to at least measure differences between weigh ins.

that would bring me to a gain of 14lbs with a gain of ~7lb. fat so it seems as though I have gained ~7lb. muscle in 20 days.

There is no way I am off by a whole lot there so the 1 lb. a week thing so far looks like BS. We'll see as I continue if this trend changes.
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