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Default Fat to Muscle ratio

I am about 3 weeks into a strength and mass gain phase and have been following a SSish format and eating an ungoddly amount pretty clean but by no means paleo. Any way I have gained much more than I had expected.

I don't mean just weight I mean I have gained ~14# and it has been split about 50/50 between fat and lean. I have been useing the same scale and BF calabrator each week.

Simultaniousely my strength gains have been beyond my goals thus far, especialy in Back Squat department. It went from 185-200 at the top of my 5x5 BS all 5 sets were a 5# increase I started at 175 and when I did 195 so easily I did 1 more and honestly 200 was not really at my max at all the only reason I didn't go up further was because I figured there is always the day after tommorow and sometimes being overly agressive can be my downfall in training.

Does any one have any comments, questions, or experience that could help me know if this is usual.

For example is gaining about a lb. of fat for every lb. of muscle fine?

I keep flip floping between confidence as to my programing and results thus far and insecurity that I am selling myself short and just getting fat. But seriousely that seems like a incredible amount of muscle to have put on thus far and if the fat that is comming along with it is within the norm of what to expect I am perfectly fine continueing as is.
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