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Default Chris Salvato's Log (Current: Gymnastics Strength)

Well, I am bringing my log into PMenu from ... my original log can be found here:

I have chosen to do this because I feel that I may get more insights here that are more succinct with my goals.

As of late, I get almost no comments on my logs on APK and feel that I may get more of a response/insight here from others who have done programs similar to those I have been experimenting with myself.

Currently, I am 188# at 5'10" with ~14% BF (according to the Omron BF Analyzer).

With that said, I just finished seeing daily linear gains on Rip's SS with the GOMAD diet. I started SS on June 4 and Finished up earlier in October. My squat could have probably progressed for another few weeks but an issue of patellar tendinitis was worsened and some pretty bad hip pain developed when coming out of the hole.

As a result, I have been staying away from squats for a few weeks, and I plan on continuing that until my hip has totally healed. I may stay away longer until the knee heals, as well too.

For the injuries:
Hip - strictly rest
Knee - Ice/Massage 3-4x daily with as much rest as I can

With that in mind, I have put together the following variation of Gant's Hybrid Intermediate program. I feel I understand this the best as I have read PP and understand the weekly linear progression and can implement it very well. Also, I like the idea of MetCons a few days a week...

Below is a chart that shows the program I put together, ignoring squats and focusing on other skills like One Armed Chins (OAC). I plan on executing this plan to work towards achieving MOST of the following goals. The goals in bold are those I plan to achieve with this plan:

36 Inch Vertical
9' Broad Jump
2xBW Squat
1.25xBW Power Clean
2xBW Pullup
2xBW Dip
1xBW Power Snatch
1xBW Press
175# @ 9% BF
One Armed Chin

One Armed HS
DH Muscle Up

I realize most of these are long term/on hold, especially with injuries.

That goes as far as training...

Regarding diet, I have been doing mostly paleo, with dairy (still hooked on milk from GOMAD) as well as IF'ing 2-3x a week. I have done 19 hour fasts, but I may fast more frequently with a larger eating window to ease into multi-day fasts.

With all of this is a current list of my PRs:
P. Clean - 215x1
Deadlift - 355x1
Weighted Chin - +100x1
OH Press - 163x1
Bench Press - 225x1
Squat - 300x3
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