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Mike or anyone who is paying attention I can't help but ask your opinion....

The idea of a break from the non stop food is appealing. So what has occured to me is to drop to 1g/# protien and match that in fat on WO days and like .8g?# on rest days. And as far as carbs go do about 80g carbs a little before and mostly PWO. then on rest day under 30g carbs from veggies. Then Sat. I have to teach a strength and stability clas which is basicaly high rep anabolic, then I am going climbing so I figure I will use that as my one carb up day.

That would lead me to about 2200-2500kcal with only 5-13% coming from carbs 6 days out of the week.

Finally I want to IF again and was thinking that it felt like IFing from around 6pmish on a rest day to noonish the next day before a work out might work well for recovery and my want to create muscle spareing and insulin sensitivity while giving my body a much needed chance to recognise some stored energy and break this constant digestion.

I feel like this would not lead to muscle loss and if everything is done well my newly aquired muscle may be able to continue makeing strength gains for a week or two. You never know I may simutaniousely lose a little of the fat my body has not yet become to atatched to before I go back to stuffing my face.
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