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Originally Posted by Mike ODonnell View Post
I still like the 2 week rotation:
- 2 weeks eating more calories no IF
- 2 weeks eating less cal but higher protein/fat, less carbs with IF

Should give you a good balance and keep your body guessing and gaining.
Do you not think that is what I outlined above ....

What I began doing was a two a week carb load and one IF a week.
On both Work out and rest days I ate high calorie just no carbs on rest days and the middle WO day.

Now I am going to do the plan I thought out above per your suggestion...

is it two high carb or calorie?

I felt like with my activity level any lower cal would be verging on a reduction diet.

or just no carb load on saturday? or are you thinking actually increase the protein intake?

cause I was at like 210g of protein and I was thinking of bringing it down to 160 for maintenence.

Okay now I am sounding neurotic I just really like the sound of this 2 week deal and if what I posted above isn't along the lines of your suggestion I would love you to help me wrap my head around it.
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