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Default Which would be Better suited for me?

There is a gym near me that opened recently that caters to BJJ and Muay Thai, I looked at both and they seem both quite physically demanding.

I was going to do this about 2-3 times a week, along with my current training.

I was wondering if either of them had more focus on concentration (haha!) rather than technique and skills. I know of other martial arts that do this (Judo to name one) but there really isn't any availability of them near me. I was leaning towards Muay Thai because it looks more intense in the sense that it's more Asian oriented and they seem to focus a lot on concentration and meditation, but of course I know nothing of the two extensively so I could be wrong.

Basically I want something physically demanding but with a lot of emphasis on mental preparation and training. I want to learn how to clear my mind for tasks and challenges ahead, and I've read that martial arts are good for this, maybe not Muay Thai or BJJ, but those are really the only choices I have at this point. Other suggestions could be made as well, and I could search for other gyms near me.

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