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Default Eric's Training Log

I would not have believed that a three week vacation, with no strength training involved in said vacation, would result in such a lack of strength, but it did result in a lack of strength. This is my attempt to bring my numbers back up and beyond.

I mostly do the Olympic lifts and the squat variations. My short term goal is to get a body weight snatch, body weight cj, 2x body weight bs, 1.5x body weight fs, and body weight ohs. My goals after these goals are, obviously, to increase those lifts.

Monday, October 20, 2008

(All weights in lbs. every squat ata)

ohs (1x2) 75 (1x1) 80 (1x2) 85 (1x2) 95 (1x1) 100 (1x2) 105

cj (1x2) 95 (1x1) 100 (1x2) 105 (2x1) 115 (1x2) 120 (1x1) 125

bs (1x2) 135 (1x2) 155 (1x1) 175 (1x2) 185 (1x1) 190

ps (1x2) 55 (1x1) 65 (1x4) 85

fs (1x2) 155 (1x1) 165 (2x2) 170

hspu - nose to floor, full extension with five second pause at the bottom - 3 reps, 5 reps.

dead hang pull ups - 8
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