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PM WOD W1 S1 D1 - M/28/62kg -Yesterday 1945

* Back squat - 83% x 3 x 5
Assumed max of 95kg
3@80kg, 3@80kg, 3@80kg, 3@80kg, 3@80kg (84%)

* Snatch deadlift - 110% (of sn) x 3 x 3
Assumed max of 37.5kg
3@42.5kg, 3@42.5kg, 3@42.5kg (113%)

* Push press - 80% x 5 x 5
Assumed max of 55kg
5@45kg (81%), 5@42.5kg, 5@42.5kg, 5@42.5kg, 4@42.5kg (77%)

* Pull-ups - 3 x 10 (add weight if needed)
10@BW, 10@BW, 10@BW

* Weighted sit-ups (DB or plate behind neck) - 3 x 10
10@5kg. 10@5kg. 10@5kg

* Lateral planks - 3 x max
Max, max, max


Did this at the gym as have no rack ATM (and was p*ssing it down)
Did stuff in the following order as others needed rack.

Back squats: Felt...inconsistent TBH. Will be good to get under the bar lots. OK though.
Snatch DL: Used this to work on start position. Wasn't using hook grip. Will start this from now on.
Pull-ups: Kept trying to get hip in by mistake! Harder than they should have been.
Push Press: Completed all reps at 45kg with good form, but bar speed was pretty slow, so took it down. Much better at 42.5kg, pretty happy with form on the first 4 reps of first 4 sets, staying upright on dip, etc.
Weighted sit-ups: Hard but good fun, like these
Lateral planks: Like these too.

Didn't take stopwatch so couldn't time rest or planks - idiot! Will be timing both from now on for reference.
Overall - spent about a day-and-a-half in the gym LOL. Good fun, felt surprisingly, but pleasingly tired afterwards


PM WOD W1 S1 D2 Session I - M/28/62kg -Today 0545

3 rounds for time of:
20 1-arm KB swing (10 each side) - 30% BW
20 GHD sit-ups
5 box jumps - mid-thigh


3 rounds for time of:
20 1-arm KB swing (10 each side) - 16kg - 25% BW
20 (rolled up towel) sit-ups, unanchored
5 (coffee table) box jumps - 21"


Seriously enjoyed this.
Session II later.
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