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Patrick Yeung
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Awesome work man. Looks like youre just meltin fat away.

Im just startin, but seein similar results for the first week. But, I have to ask though, your calorie split seems very favorable, kind of what im aimin for, but I dont know where I am at.

What are you using to keep track of your calories? Id love to see what youre eatin. Been havin alot of trouble gettin enough protein at the end of the night.

And ive noticed the temp increase as well. I was at the beach yesterday, in overcast swimmin in the pacific. It started gettin dark, and we were headin out when we realized we hadnt even brought towels... I didnt even shiver on the whole walk back soaking wet when everyone else was shatterin teeth. Kinda cool. Probably helps melt the fat away too.
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