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Patrick Yeung
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That makes it even better! I was vegeterian prior to lifting, eating pretty much all raw. I got most of my calories from fruit (oranges and apples mostly) with vegetables at dinner with some sort of protein. Of course, I was also doing distance running.

With what ive read about soy, and soy products (things like decreased HGH levels, increases in estrogen, and drops in sperm count, well, dont really care about that, but shows it does affect males), ive stopped having them, so I needed to get more protein with less carbs.

I eat alot of cottage cheese, and usually at least 4 eggs, usually 6.

But how do you get 100grams of protein, without soy, or minimal amounts. Many of the studies show those affects with just one or two servings a day.

How are you gettin so much fat on a vegeterian diet though?

Oh, and where did you say that you kept your food log? I am especially intersted now how youre gettin your protein and fat.
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