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Originally Posted by Mike ODonnell View Post
Highly doubt a few 2x10s are going to overtrain you unless you go to failure. Strength is more CNS responsive than glycolitic, but you can deplete muscle glycogen and prime for reloading and growth (of course best used 1-2x a week). Can't hurt as it's not the main focus and also the bigger you are, the stronger you will get. Everyone does it....even the boys at Westside.
I took a page from their book to good effect. I followed my pressed with 4x15 DB overhead presses. I followed bench presses with 4x8 push presses*. My shoulders and triceps got bigger and stronger which led to improved pressing numbers. Keep your principal lifts heavy and do the hypertrophy stuff with your auxiliary exercises. Big begets strong begets big and so on.

*I might have had quicker results doing 4x15 DH OH presses, but I wanted push presses in the program.

As for loading, I like cookie dough ice cream with lots of strawberries and Magic Shell. Negro Modelo and steak enchiladas work well, too.**

**There is an APB out for my lower abs, so take my advice with a grain of salt.
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