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My log is on my computer and not in a share-able format, unfortunately, but here's a rundown of the foods I eat a lot of.

  • Full-fat cottage cheese - at least a cup a day
  • Eggs - typically 6 daily
  • Milk - no more than a pint/day, due to carbs
  • Tofu - I do eat it, typically for one meal a day. I use organic and non-GMO, and I've read all the literature on it and think the risks are overhyped. I will also eat tempeh and wheat gluten, from time to time.
  • Protein powder - I use a pure, unflavored and unsweetened blend of whey/casein from true protein, which I use for my homemade protein bars.

Fat is not difficult. I love cheese, nuts/nut butters and olive oil, and that right there takes care of a lot. I also usually make a curry once a week with coconut milk.

My carbs come from primarily veggies, milk and tofu. I do not eat any packaged foods, and the only sweetener I use is stevia, and that fairly infrequently.

I've posted a handful of my frequently-used recipes on my blog, if you're curious. Props to George for the cauliflower-crust pizza - that one's awesome.
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