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October 21, 2008 – Suddenly Sandbags! Weight 161lbs.

Warm Up during fitness class: 20 minutes C2 @ 65-70% MHR. Stats: 2:29.3/500m, 138 AHR, 20 s/m, 4 Damper.

Workout (15 minute drive home):

(1) 3 Rounds
a. 5x 50# Sandbag Cleans
b. 5x 50# Sandbag Lunges Each Leg (10x total)
c. 10x burpees
d. Rest 4 Minutes after 3 rounds

(2) 4 Rounds
a. 3x 60# Sandbag Get-ups Each Shoulder (6x total)
b. 5x 40# Sandbag Halfmoons
c. Rest 4 Minutes after 4 rounds

(3) 2 Rounds
a. 10x 80# Sandbag Back Squats
b. 5x 80# Sandbag Front Squats
c. 10x Ring Dips

(4) Total time to complete (not including C2): 30:01

Cooldown: Precious Chocolate Milk

Sandbags are brutal. Front Squats with a Sandbag are even more brutal. At first I had 10x Front Squats @ 80# sandbag, man was I ever wrong. 3rd Front squat in I could barely keep my back erect, my arms were tired and I was breathing like a mad man all while a 80# sandbag is resting on my chest. Lesson learned the hard way.

For every non-timed C2 session I don't use straps and I put it at 4 damper, and I either go barefoot or wear VFF. I heard it's better to practice technique with no straps as it prohibits you from pushing upwards and to help you control your strokes.

Anyways, sandbags are very fun, and in heavy loads very difficult.
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